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What are Eyelash Extensions?
If you are tired of wearing mascara everyday and constantly working to get that perfect cat eye with your eyeliner then you will fall in LOVE with eyelash extensions.
Top of the line glue and product developed by Xtreme Lashes® is used to create the perfect look for each client. The glue is medical grade, fume free, and safe. The glue holds the eyelash extension to your natural lash until it sheds naturally. The proces
s includes attaching ONE lash extension to ONE natural lash until the perfect look is created . The first initial set of lashes can take anywhere from 1.5-3.5 hours depending on the amount of lashes being applied.
*It is important that only one lash is attached to each lash to keep the natural lashes healthy. Other brands that use cluster lashes and do not recommend the one lash to one lash attachment, risk the clients natural lashes being permanently damaged and creating bald spots.
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How often do I need to fill my new lashes?
Just like nails and hair, eyelash extensions need to be maintained. The average person sheds 25% of their natural lashes every 2-3 weeks. It is recommended that the eyelash extensions be filled every 2-3 weeks to ensure the best looking lashes. The fill process takes approximately 1 hour. 
Q & A
Commonly asked questions about eyelash extensions:
Q: How do I know what kind of eyelash extensions to get?
A: Research is key, know what kind of glue and eyelashes are being used. Be sure to stay clear of cluster lashes (one to one lashes are best) and any glue that has fumes. You should not have any discomfort after your service and should not be able to smell the glue.
Q: Which kind are the best?
A: Look at reviews of different brands. The number one brand is Xtreme Lashes. They are number one for many reasons. The most important one being the fume free, carbon black free, medical grade glue that is used.
Q: Which stylist is right for me?
A: First and foremost find someone who is certified by the brand they use. Certified stylist go through extra tests and training to attain their certification! Also, research, research, research! You want someone with a lot of experience. Look at customer reviews and photos of their work. The photos posted are their best work, compare different stylists photos and never hesitate to ask questions!

**Ladies when it comes to Eyelash Extensions you get what you pay for! They are pricey at some places for a reason. These are your eyes and your eyelashes, make sure you make the best choice for your new beauty investment!

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