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  There is a 24 hour cure period! Avoid water and steam coming in contact with eyes after application.

After application you are able to do most anything you would normally with some exceptions. In order to help the eyelash extensions last it is important to care for your lashes properly.

-After wetting lashes blowdry them on a low/cool setting from underneath while gently brushing them in an upward motion.
-Clean the lashes daily to ensure no residual makeup is left on.
-When is comes to makeup LESS is more.
-Only use NON waterproof mascara (Xtreme Lashes mascara available for purchase)
-Only apply mascara to the TIPS of your lashes, do not get the mascara at the base as it will weaken the adhesive bond.
-Only use oil free/mild soap to wash your face..(Cetaphil is a preffered face wash)
-Be aware that facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and other facial treatments will affect the lash extensions bond.
-Spray tanning is not advised as the oil is a solvent and will wear down the extension glue.
-Only use oil FREE eye makeup removers (Xtreme Lashes Eye makeup remover available for purchase) *** If possible only use Q-tip and water to remover eye shadow and eye liner
-Do not get lotions or oil on your lashes
-Sleep on back if possible
-Avoided rubbing eye area with fingers
-Do NOT use mechanical eyelash curlers
-If you swim or frequent steam room wearing goggles is strongly advised
-Crying does wear down the glue quickly so be aware of that
-Hot yoga is ok, however wearing a sweat band and/or rinsing the eyelashes with fresh water afterwards is suggested
**Overall the more you leave the lashes alone and keep them clean and away from solvents the longer they will last.

Care Instructions

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